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Takeaway Menu

      Available from 5.00pm to 8.00pm 

Thursday to Saturday Pre-orders and card payment by phone only

Whole 9” Pizza

Margaretta pizza


Pepperoni and rocket Pizza


Mushroom fungi Pizza


Meat feast Pizza





Lion burger

   Prime beef patty in a wheat free bun. Served with crisp leaf, sliced tomato, spiced mayonnaise, cheese & bacon. Served with chips £9.95

Dairy Mustard Egg 



Cajun spiced chicken breast in a wheat free chilli cheese and onion bun

Served with crisp leaf, tomato salsa & guacamole. Served with chips £9.95

Dairy Mustard Egg


Katsu Curry

Classic Japanese mild curry. Made with garlic, ginger, onions, carrot, gara masala, turmeric and soy sauce. With chicken breast in a crisp wheat free crumb.£10.95 Or spiced polenta cake. £9.95Served white on a bed of white rice.

Dairy Soy Egg

Spiced tempura vegetables (Vegan)

Chunky mixed vegetables fried in a spiced tempura batter. Served on fluffy white rice and topped with a classic sweet and sour sauce.£9.95

Soy Celery Wine Sesame

Traditional Spicy Thai curry

Diced chicken supreme. Marinated in chili, coriander, ginger, spring onions and garlic. Braised in coconut milk and cream. Served with fluffy white rice.£9.95 0r £8.95 Vegetarian option 

Dairy Nuts


Chunky beef chilli

Chunks of beef spiced with chilli flakes, paprika and kidney beans, served on a bed of white fluffy rice and topped with sour cream* and corn chips £9.95



Short Crust Pie

Choose from

Chicken & bacon* or Steak and ale


Pies served with beef gravy or chicken gravy and seasonal fresh vegetables*.

Add your choice of chips, buttered new potatoes* or creamy mash £9.95



Southern Fried chicken pieces and chips

     Chicken fillets and mini chicken joints. Coated in smoked paprika, mixed herbs. Deep fired and served     

with chips £7.95

 Egg Dairy


Chips £2.50, Large Chips £3.00, Sweet Potato Fries £3.00, Onion Rings £2.50, Coleslaw £2.50

Dessert of the day



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