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Our Procedures 

Please call us on 01233740309 to make a booking. We can the allocate you a table and time for your visit. We have removed some of our tables and chairs to enable us to accommodate 2 meter spacing. We have a large garden and seating, so weather permitting there is the opportunity to drink and dine outside. Which can be reserved for you.

    On your arrival you will see signage encouraging the social distancing guidelines. There are also hand sanitizers at the road side door, the patio door and one more in the patio area. We encourage all visitors to use these when entering, or leaving the building. Or returning from using the facilities. We request that no more than two at a time in the facilities please  

    The bar stools have been removed and cordoned off. You can order drinks at the bar but they will be brought to your table. The same applies to ordering food. All tables and chair back will be sanitized before you arrive. Disposable menus will be issued for your use and your use only. Pre-sanitized sauces are available on request. The remainder of our service is as usual. But please give staff space and time to be able to serve you allowing them as much space is as practical.   

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