Soup of the day(Always vegetarian)

Please as your server for today's soup variety.

Served with warm wheat free dipping bread, £5.95

Egg Dairy

                                                             Caesar Salad                                                                  Crisp little gem salad leaves and free-range chicken breast meat. Topped with hardboiled egg, crispy bacon, Caesar dressing and crowned with GF croutons. Starter size £6.95 Main size £11.95                                                                          Wine Dairy Fish Egg                                       

Thai Spiced mussels in a coconut cream

Mussels steamed in white wine and Thai spiced. Enriched with coconut milk and double cream. Served with warm bread. Starter £7.75 Main size £10.95

Mollusc Dairy Nuts


Spiced corn tortilla chips. Topped with salsa and mozzarella and baked. Finished mozzarella, salsa, creme fraiche and jalapenos. Starter £6.75 Main size £9.00


Warm smoked mackerel

Fillet of mackerel served on a bed of new potato salad and mixed leaf. Topped with pickled fennel.

Starter£6.95 Main size £11.75

Fish Wine

Roasted beetroot and carrot salad

Beetroot and carrots roasted with olive oil, rosemary and garlic. Tumbled with mixed leaves and topped with sunflower seed and dried apricots. Starter £6.75 Main £9.75



Please note our menu is totally gluten free. All other allergens are highlighted below each dish. If you have specific dietary requirements, please let us know. We may be able to amend the dish accordingly. HAPPY DINING

* Smaller portion child’s size


Mains From The Grill 


Available Monday-Saturday Lunch & Dinner

Char Grilled 28-day matured steaks

Sirloin steak served with grilled mushroom and tomato, topped with crispy onion rings.

Accompanied with garden peas and chips £22.95 8oz approximately


Add a port and stilton or peppercorn sauce for £2.95

Dairy Wine

Blue-sealed on the outside - Rare-running with juices

Medium-pink on the inside

Well-done cooked through

Butchers pork sausages

Three juicy pork sausage served on creamed potatoes, peas and rich gravy £9.95

*Smaller portion £7.75



Char grilled gammon steak, egg, chips & peas

Char grilled gammon steak topped with an egg, chips & peas £12.95

 *Smaller portion £7.75

Dairy Egg


Chunky pork chop with sage and garlic

Thick cut pork chop served on a champ mash, braised carrots, braised red cabbage and cider sauce £15.75

Dairy Wine

Lion Burger

Prime beef patty in a wheat free bun. Served with crisp leaf, sliced tomato, spiced mayonnaise, Monterey Jack cheese & bacon. Held together with a wooden skewer with a chunk of gherkin and served with chips and homemade coleslaw £10.95

Dairy Mustard Egg Sesame


Cajun spiced chicken breast in a wheat free chilli cheese and onion bun

Served with rocket, tomato salsa & guacamole. Held together with a wooden skewer with a chunk of gherkin and served with chips and homemade coleslaw £10.95

Dairy Mustard Egg


Whole 9” Pizza offer

Margherita pizza - Pepperoni and rocket Pizza

Mushroom fungi Pizza - Meat feast Pizza

£9.95 or *Smaller portion £7.75 1/2 pizza with chips


Char grilled pork tender loin

Char grilled pork tender loin steak. Served on a potato, leek, chorizo hash. Topped with a creamy dairy free tarragon sauce and crowned with roasted oyster mushrooms and asparagus tips. £15.95



Chicken paprika

Roasted free-range chicken breast dusted with smoked paprika. Served on a bed of garlic roasted vegetables, rustic tomato sauce and gnocchi. £12.95 Celery 

Spiced tempura vegetables(Vegan)

     Chunks of mixed vegetables fried in a spiced tempura batter.

Served on fluffy white rice, topped with a classic sweet and sour sauce.


Soy Celery Wine Sesame 

Traditional Spicy Thai  curry

Sliced chicken supreme. Marinated in chili, coriander, ginger, spring onions and garlic.                           Braised in coconut milk and cream. Served with fluffy white rice.

£12.95 or £11.95 for the vegetarian option

Nuts Dairy

Chunky Beef Chilli

      Chunks of beef spiced with chilli flakes, paprika and kidney beans.

Served on a bed of white fluffy rice and topped with * crème fraiche and corn chips £10.95


Short Crust Pie

Choose from

Chicken & bacon* or Steak and ale

Pies served with beef gravy or chicken gravy and seasonal fresh vegetables*.Add your choice of chips, buttered new potatoes* or creamy mash £12.95


Roasted Seabass Fillet

 Boneless seabass fillet roasted in the oven. Served on a bed of sautéed potatoes and seasonal fresh green vegetables. Topped with a white wine and cucumber sauce. £14.95

Fish wine Dairy


     Chips £2.475, Cheesy Chips £3.50, Sweet potato fries £3.75,

Cajun Fries £3.00, Onion rings £3.50, Coleslaw £2.75


Once you have made your choice you can choose from pouring cream, custard a scoop of ice cream, sorbet dairy free custard or vegan ice cream


Warm homemade tart of the day (Dairy Free)

Please speak to your server for today’s choice.  £6.25

Eggs Nuts Peanuts Wine

American style pancakes (Dairy Free)

Warm pancakes topped with dairy free vanilla ice cream, maple syrup & mixed nuts £6.25

 Nuts Peanuts Eggs Soy


Gooey chocolate brownie

Finished with a vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce £6.25

Eggs Dairy Soy

(Dairy Free option available)


Tropical fruit posset


Egg Dairy

Baked cheesecake of the day

Please speak to your server for today’s choice. £6.25

 Eggs Dairy

Bread and butter pudding (Dairy Free)

Gluten free bread with sultanas and vanilla soy milk custard and baked till golden


Eggs Wine Soy

Crumble of the day (Dairy Free)

Fruit crumble of the day. Please ask your server for today’s option. £6.25

Cheese selection

A selection of five cheeses, served with red onion marmalade, and wheat free crackers. Please ask for today’s selection £8.95 Dairy


Ice creams and sorbets

Single scoop £2.95 Double scoop £5.80

Please ask you server for our current range Dairy free available

Why not accompany your dessert with our dessert wine or finish off your meal with a freshly ground barista coffee, tea of your choice or a liqueur or brandy?