Christmas Day



To Begin: Champagne on arrival 12.00 o’clock

Adult £68 Child 16 or under £34.00


Roasted butternut squash soup

Topped with spiced poppadum crisps, crème fresh and coriander

(Dairy, Celery)


Trio of seafood

Home cured, hot smoked mackerel, crab and apple tian, dill pickled peeled tiger prawns served on a tomato gazpacho

(Fish, Crustacea) 


Chicken terrine

Parma ham wrapped chicken mousseline. Layered with smoked chicken, French beans,

 sun dried tomatoes and oyster mushrooms

(Egg, Wine, Dairy)


Champagne sorbet


Traditional turkey with trimmings

(Egg, Dairy)


Roast best end of lamb with a rosemary jus

(Egg, Dairy) (Served Pink)


Roasted sea bream

Fillet of sea bass on a bed parsley mashed potato.

Served with a basil infused rustic tomato sauce. Crowned with sautéed chickpeas and asparagus

(Fish, Dairy)


Stuffed courgette with Puy lentils

Courgette stuffed with Lightly spiced puy lentils. Served on a bed of pilaff rice. Topped with a ratatouille sauce


Traditional Christmas pudding

Served with DF custard


English cheese board



Apple crumble tart

   Sweet short pastry topped mixed spice scented poached apple.

Baked with an almond enriched crumble topping. Served with pouring cream

 (Egg, Dairy) (Dairy free option available)



Coffee or tea with homemade chocolate truffles

(Dairy, Soy)

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